Stamping- and cutting- unit

The bmTEC stamping- and cutting- unit precisely cuts your dough strands, even in rhombus or triangle shapes. Likewise, a wide variety of patterns are punched or cut precisely into your dough pieces - quickly, cleanly and reliably.

For quick product changes, the punching or cutting tools can be changed very easily. The easy-to-remove tools also make thorough cleaning much easier.

Like all our line modules, the stamping- and cutting- unit is mobile and can be easily integrated into the entire line by means of a quick-locking and locking system.

Customer benefit

High product variety due to a wide range of interchangeable tools
Easy cleaning due to easily removable punching and cutting tools
Fast product changeover due to easy tool change and recipe-guided module control

Product detail / Product functions

Equipment features
Equipment options
Technical data
  • Working width 600 and 800 mm
  • Stamping belt with adjustable belt speed
  • Alignment unit in front of the stamping tool
  • Servo-supported stamping drive for fast and precise stamping movement
  • Travelling tool carrier for holding different change tools
  • Separately controllable output belt
  • Mobile stainless steel frame with brake wheels
  • Control via PLC of the complete line
  • Operation via touch panel of the complete line
  • Working direction from right to left, operating side in running direction on left side
  • Other working widths possible
  • Flour duster
  • Changing tool for triangular cut
  • Changeover tool for "Feierabendbrötchen" (#) in different number of rows
  • Changing tool for rhombic cut in different number of rows
  • Changing tool for rhombic cut with simultaneously pressed decorative cut in different number of rows
  • Change tool for pulled decor cut


Deviations possible for individual special designs!

Working width

600 mm

Hight (H)

1.900 mm

Length (L)

1.300 mm

Width (B)

1.410 mm

Experience from a baker:
Thanks to the various stamping and cutting tools, I can produce a variety of pastries in a very short time, in round or square shapes, sprinkled or unsprinkled, and regardless of the texture of the dough. I sprinkle very sticky doughs with flour beforehand.
For quick tool changes, as well as for cleaning, I recommend a separate cart to store the tools.

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