Snack table

The central module of snack production is the snack table, which is truly more than just a table. With regard to its functionality and cleanability in terms of the particularly sensitive hygiene here, there is no substitute for experience.

The tried and tested snack table solutions from bmTEC ensure that you have all the individual design options you need. After all, the technology should still adapt to your proven work processes - and not vice versa.

Customer benefit

Customizable, smooth and efficient snack production
Significantly increases hourly output in snack production
All essential operations are concentrated around the table, for minimal space and cleaning requirements

Product detail / Product functions

Equipment features
Equipment options
Technical data
  • Belt length: 3.000 mm
  • Belt quick release
  • Foldable deflection rollers
  • Scraper with collecting tray
  • Rails on both sides (at conveyor belt height) for suspending work tables or for attaching accessories
  • Rails on both sides approx. 160mm below conveyor belt height for suspending work tables or attaching accessories
  • Wet-cleanable design for cleaning with splash water
  • Stainless steel mobile frame with brake wheels and additional locking feet
  • Belt lengths up to 5.500 mm
  • Suspended inclined work surface
  • Suspended work surfaces
  • Tray holder for holding GN containers
  • Tub holder for holding GN containers with drawer
  • Tray holder for plastic trays
  • Plastic cutting support for tray holder
  • Possibility to switch the belt direction incl. additional belt scraper with collecting tray
  • Additional start/stop switch for hanging on the discharge side
  • Socket for additional equipment
  • Start/stop interface to external dosing or filling devices
  • Hygiene control cabinet above the conveyor
  • Gastronorm container for cooling
  • Spreading table before the snack table
  • Packing table after the snack table
  • Special options on request

Dimensions and connections

Deviations possible for individual special designs !



Belt width 400

Belt width 650



depending on version

depending on version


Working height (H)

925mm (+/- 25mm adjustable via thread on the wheel plates)

Width (B)

depending on version

depending on version


Max. Usable belt width

400 mm

600 mm


Speed range conveyor belt

3,0 – 19,0 m/min

Electrical connection




1x230V+ N / 50 Hz via Schuko plug and 5m cable


Nominal power (one-sided)

0,3 kW


Experience from a baker:
Incidentally, we also use our snack table to make our popular small, round cakes quickly and efficiently: Simply place the molds, pour liquid sand mixture over a filler, and sprinkle fruit and sprinkles on top for flavor and appearance. The daily amount is then baked, the rest goes into the freezer.

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