Preportioner with vertical conveying

variable Teigzuführung bei begrenzter Hallenhöhe
The automatic dough feed to the head machine is in any case a great labor-saver and saves time-consuming and strenuous manual work.

If dough rests in the kettle, for example, the portion-wise feeding into the dough band former ensures a more uniform dough band and thus higher weight and shape accuracy of the dough pieces, especially with particularly soft doughs.

The hopper of the pre-portioner can hold the complete kettle filling, so that the emptied kettle is immediately available for further use. A filling level sensor on the bmTEC pre-portioner measures the filling level in the hopper of the head machine and portions the dough accordingly. Via an adjustable ascending belt, the dough portions are then fed to the head machine as required and continuous operation is ensured.

Customer benefit

Saves time-consuming and strenuous manual work
High product quality due to gentle portioning
High reliability due to robust star roller technology
Low space requirement due to compact design and low tipping height

Produktdetail / Produktfunktionen

Technische Daten
  • Tragfähigkeit auf dem Transportband bis zu 300 kg Teig
  • Teigvorschub über Füllstandsensor gesteuert
  • Seitenwände mit Spezial-Folie überzogen
  • Edelstahlgrundgestell mit Verankerungsmöglichkeit im Boden ausgeführt
  • Arbeitsrichtung von rechts nach links, Bedienseite in Laufrichtung links
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Experience from a baker:
Experience has shown that a uniform dough sheet can be processed much more easily with machine support. A frequent cause of rejects is thus avoided and the weight accuracy of the products is improved. In the end, your customers will appreciate the uniformly high product quality.

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