Tray feeding from tray-wagon to panner

der Turbo für Ihren Absetzprozess mit Blechen aus dem Blechwagen
It can be a real challenge for the operator to feed the trays onto the panner at the required speed and to remove them again after panning. It is not uncommon for the performance of the entire line to have to be reduced or for an additional employee to be assigned to the panner.

With our automatic feeding of trays from the tray-wagon to the panner, you can significantly increase the transfer speed at the panner without having to deploy additional personnel.

Your employee simply pushes the tray-wagon into one of the two docking stations. The built-in vacuum lifting and transport system picks up the trays one by one and positions them on the positioning belt. This conveys the trays precisely under the panner and, after loading, further on to the operator side of the panner for manual removal, where there is space for up to 2 trays as standard - but more can be accommodated on request, up to and including automated tray handling after the panner (see product "Tray handling after panner").

Customer benefit

Continuous, uninterrupted production and panning process
Personnel reduction
Optimum utilization of line capacity

Product detail / Product functions

Equipment features
Equipment options
Technical data
  • Capacity up to 450 trays / hour
  • Two pick-up positions for tray-wagons
  • Design for tray size 580 * 980 mm or 580 * 780 mm
  • Control via SPS
  • Operation via touch panel
  • Stainless steel frame with machine feet
  • Design for alternative tray dimensions
  • Completion with tray handling after the panner
  • Special designs possible


Deviations possible for individual special designs!

Hight (H) 

2.040 mm 

Lenght (L) 

4.100 mm 

Widht (B) 

2.600 mm 

Belt hight

ca. 760 mm 


up to 450 trays/h 

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