Rack unloading (before lye unit)

schonende Teigzuführung für empfindliche Teige
Feeding the dough pieces from the rack to the lye unit is often a welcome option for automation, especially when there is a shortage of personnel or when personnel costs are generally too high.

In this case, the full rack simply has to be placed in the docking station. The installed lifting and transport system then removes the individual peelboards and pushes them under the crabber in such a way that the products are crabbed off and transported via the infeed to the lye unit. The emptied peelboard is returned to the rack and the process starts again - until the rack is emptied.

In the area of the infeed belt, it is also possible to have your products turned automatically, if this is desired.

Finally, your employee only has to exchange the emptied rack for the next one, and he can pick up the trays again at the end of the lye unit, if you do not automate this work step as well.

Customer benefit

Reduction of personnel

Fluid work process and improved ergonomics

Protection of products and product carriers

Product detail / Product functions

Equipment features
Equipment options
Technical data
  • Capacity permanently up to 180 peelboards / hour

  • Designed for peelboard size 580x780mm or 580x980mm

  • Peelboard carriage position for 1 peelboard

  • Gripper for peelboards

  • Input area of peelboard protected with safety door

  • Operating side right

  • Automatic rack carriage recognition for using racks with different numbers of supports.

  • Automatic height measurement of the rack supports for the use of racks with different support positions.

  • Operating side left


Deviations possible for individual special designs!

Version for

peelboard size 580x780 mm

peelboard size 580x980 mm

Lenght (L)

 3.300 mm

3.500 mm

Hight (H)

2.300 mm

Width (B)

 1.900 mm


approx. 180 Peelboards / hour

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