Seeding with seed carpet

Produkte wie von Hand getaucht
If you want your products to look as rich and densely seeded as if you had pressed them into the seeds by hand, then that's what you have to do - but not necessarily by actual handwork, but with the seeding with seed carpet from bmTEC.

A dense seed carpet is created on a separate belt onto which the moistened dough pieces are placed and pressed with selectable intensity before they are transported on to the next processing step or panned.
Our sophisticated design reliably prevents unwanted carryover of moisture and seed into the line.

Depending on your needs, your products can be seeded on one side or, in an optional expansion stage, on both sides.

After use, the seed belt is easily accessible for cleaning. All other essential components are removed in a few simple steps and transported to the scullery on an associated transport trolley, where your cleaning team can ensure top hygiene with minimum effort.

The practical and very gently working seed recirculation is already included in the scope of delivery, an automatic seed refill is additionally available as an option.

Like all our line modules, the seeding with seed carpet is mobile and easily integrated into the overall system by means of a quick-release and locking system.


Seed pattern - as if dipped by hand
Very low seed losses thanks to efficient seed recirculation
Fast product changeover due to different seed containers
permanently excellent seeding result

Product detail / Product functions

Equipment features
Equipment options
Technical data
  • Working width: 600 and 800 mm
  • Separate moistening- tilting- and transport- belts
  • Moistening belt with integrated water bath for the bottom side of the dough
  • Immersion depth adjustable
  • Infinitely adjustable spreading quantity
  • Driven, adjustable pressure roller for fixing the seeds
  • Catch basin for excess seeds under the conveyor belt with automatic return of the seeds into the seed container
  • Transport belt units and seeding components can be removed without tools
  • Mobile stainless steel frame with brake wheels and locking spindles
  • Control via SPS of the complete line
  • Operation via touch panel of the complete line
  • Working direction from right to left, operating side in running direction to the left
  • Tilting belt with adjustable tilting height for reliable turning of the dough pieces
  • Additional seed containers for the different seeds
  • Automatic refilling of spreading material
  • Transport trolley for picking up and cleaning the removed modules
  • Exchange belts for the passage of soft unspread dough pieces
  • Other working widths possible
  • Special designs possible

Dimensions and connections

Deviations possible for individual special designs!

Working width

600 mm

800 mm

Lenght (L)

3.100 mm

3.100 mm

Hight (H)

~2.000 mm

Width (B)

1.650 mm

1.850 mm

Electrical connection



3 x 400V+ N + PE / 50 Hz via CEE plug (16 A) and 5m cable

Nominal power

3,0 kW

3,0 kW

Remote maintenance (optional)



Internet connection

at least DSL connection via network cable or WLAN


Pneumatic connection


Supply pressure

6 bar

Air consumption

(per seed recirculation)

5 l/min

Water connection



Min. ½ inch

Water pressure

2,5 - 6bar


DN 50


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