Rack loading (after lye unit)

The rack with empty peelboards or trays is simply placed in the docking station. The integrated lifting and transport system then takes over. It removes the individual peelboards or trays and transports them under the panner of the lye unit. After the lye-treated products have been panned, the peelboards or trays are returned to the rack. The process starts again until the rack is filled and replaced.
Between the lye unit and the rack loader, the option of manual or automatic cutting of the pretzels is often chosen.

Customer benefit

Reduction of personnel resources
Gentle handling of products and product carriers
Smooth work process and improved ergonomics

Product detail / Product functions

Equipment features
Equipment options
Technical data
  • Capacity permanently up to 180 peelboards / hour
  • Designed for peelboard size 580 x 780mm or 580 x 980mm
  • Position for 1 rack
  • Gripper for peelboards
  • Input area of rack protected with safety door
  • Operating side right
  • Automatic rack recognition for the use of racks with different number of supports
  • Automatic height measurement of the rack for the use of racks with different level positions
  • Operating side left

Dimensions and connections

Deviations possible for individual special designs !

Version for

Tray size 580x780 mm

Tray size 580x980 mm

Lenght (L)

 2.900 mm

3.110 mm

Hight (H)

2.300 mm


 1.750 mm


appr.. 180 trays/ h

Electrical connection



3x400V+ N / 50 Hz via CEE plug (16 A) and 5m cable

Nominal power (one-sided)

6,2 kW

Pneumatic connection


Supply pressure

6 bar

Air usage

3 l/min

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