Panning unit

No matter whether you want to pann your products on trays, proofing boards or a continuing cross belt, we always have the right (panning) solution.
With adjustable belt and depositing speeds, a lowerable belt nose, and the option of panning in rows or in one go, the bmTEC Panning unit is always the right panner for your products: fast, precise, durable, and easy to operate and clean.

To be able to achieve really high hourly outputs, we additionally recommend automatic tray handling.

Like all our line modules, the Panning unit is mobile as standard and easily integrated into the entire line by means of a quick-locking and locking system.

Customer benefit

Reliably reproducible, individually adjustable panning pattern
Optimal operability for fast tray exchange
Gentle on the product - also suitable for sensitive products

Product detail / Product functions

Equipment features
Equipment options
Technical data
  • Working width: 600 mm
  • Powerful, servo-supported panning drive
  • Belt speed adjustable
  • Panning speed separately adjustable
  • Panning controlled by light barrier
  • Belt transfer nose can be lowered
  • Possibility to pull off in rows or in blocks
  • Panning via low-maintenance toothed belt
  • Working direction from right to left, operating side in running direction left
  • Tray input/output sideways in running direction left
  • Automatic drawer for insertion and removal of trays
  • Openable transparent protective cover
  • Control via SPS
  • Operation via 7" touch panel
  • Mobile stainless steel frame with brake wheels
  • Panning length 1.000 mm
  • Change of working direction
  • Tray input/output laterally in running direction on the right or on the face side
  • Different take-off lengths as required
  • Second, automatic drawer for input and output of the trays
  • Tray positioning unit for multiple placement on one tray
  • Integrated cross discharge conveyor
  • Safety light grid instead of the transparent cover for protection against access
  • Extension of the touch panel from 7" to 9
  • Connection possibility for tray transport system
  • Alternative working widths possible
  • Special designs possible

Dimensions and connections

Deviations possible for individual special designs!


600 mm

800 mm

Hight (H)

2.000 mm

Lenght (L)

2.000 mm

Width (B)

 1.450 mm

 1.650 mm


up to 450 trays / hour

Electrical connection



3 x 400V+ N + PE / 50 Hz via CEE plug (16 A) and 5m cable

Nominal power

2,6 kW

2,6 kW

Remote maintenance (optional)


Internet connection

at least DSL connection via network cable or WLAN

Pneumatic connection


Supply pressure

6 bar

Air consumption


per pneumatic drawer

25 l / min

Belt nose

1 l / min

Alignment flap

3,5 l / min

Experience from a baker:
Due to the possibility of adjusting the panning speed, even difficult products are perfectly panned onto the tray.

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