Lye unit with retracting belt

Great pretzels can be a real sales hit - and if the production volume increases with the demand, our lye unit with retracing belt with a capacity of up to 350 trays per hour quickly comes into view.

The mobile caustic tank including the caustic surge unit can of course be decoupled from the transport system in just a few steps. This ensures the best possible accessibility for cleaning and maintenance work.

If, by the way, staff should be short of time or busy with other things, this lye unit can be further automated step by step so that at the end you only have to supply the front docking station with racks full of non-lyeeded products and pick up the racks with the lyeed products again at the other end.

Customer benefit

Simple and safe operation by 2 persons
Easy cleaning for best hygiene
Robust design for many years of reliability
Accurate positioning of the products thanks to integrated retracting

Product detail / Product functions

Equipment features
Equipment options
Technical data
  • Hygiene design: separation lye unit / belt unit. Both units are separately washable for easy cleaning and best hygiene
  • Divided infeed belt for minimization of flour input
  • Turning option for products after lye application
  • Operating side right, operation by touch panel
  • Capacity up to 350 trays / hour
  • Transfer to tray by retracting belt
  • Working width 580 mm
Belt unit
  • Feeding via cloth infeed
  • Foldable infeed and outfeed table, reduced space requirement in idle position
  • Motor and pump are maintenance-free
  • Design for sheet size 580x780 mm or 580x980 mm
lye unit
  • lye tank 160 liters
  • Lye heating
  • 4 lye curtains, individually adjustable and disconnectable
  • Lye unit incl. tank extendable
  • Lye level control via display in tank
  • Foam-preventing design
  • Feeding via manual or automatic peelboard scraper
  • Automatic lye dosing
  • Salting unit
  • Exchangeable spreader for additional spreading material
  • Operating side left
  • Special designs possible

Dimensions and connections

Deviations possible for individual special designs!

Version for trays

580 x 780 or

580 x 980 mm

580 x 980 with cutting belt

580 x 780 crosswise

Hight (H)

1.950 mm

2.000 mm

Lenght (L)

3.850 mm

4.350 mm

2.600 mm

(2.050mm folded)

Width (B)

1.250 mm

1.450 mm

Width with lye trolley

1.650 mm

1.850 mm


950 mm

1000 mm


850 mm


approx. 350 trays/ hour

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