Work table

ein unverzichtbares Grundarbeitsmittel für jeden Bäcker
To ensure that manual processing can be carried out quickly and in consistently good quality, the right work table is an essential piece of basic equipment in the bakery. Here, quality, durability and functionality down to the last detail are of particular importance.
Table lengths, the materials of the table and the design and position of the conveyor belts can be individually selected so that the perfect sequence in your work process results for you. For this very purpose, we have also provided you with numerous options in the adjustability of the table.
With the offered accessories, the work tables can be equipped according to individual needs and, by the way, can be retrofitted or converted without any problems even after years.

Customer benefit

Smooth processing in line with maximum utilization of the system technology with ergonomically good and designable conditions
Best functionality down to the last detail from years of practical experience
High cost-effectiveness thanks to proven hygienic design and durable, robust construction

Product detail / Product functions

Equipment features
Equipment options
Technical data
  • Robust, functional design of the entire table
  • Standard width of the working surface: 400 mm
  • Standard table lengths from 2,000 mm to 3,000 mm
  • Standard working height: 930 mm (+/- 25 mm)
  • Flour collecting tray under the table
  • Mobile table frame with braked wheels and additional locking feet for a safe stand during production
  • Hygienic design: belt body completely made of stainless steel, easy to clean
  • Belt speed adjustable without steps

The worktops to the right and left of the conveyor belt can be selected from the following materials:

    • Wood
    • POM blue
    • Stainless steel

The worktops can be made foldable on request.

Storage options

You can choose from the following storage options:

    • Storage options in the table frame
    • Storage options on the table
    • Frame so you can move things underneath (e.g. for flour trolleys)
    • Individual drawers (for tubs, work equipment, etc.)
    • Holders for plastic trays
    • Shelves are optionally made of trays or round metal bars
    • Shelves are made optionally attachable, foldable or adjustable in length (for use across or along the table).


Table & belt

Different working heights between 850 mm to 1000 mm freely selectable

    • Infeed height adjustable
    • Different belt widths possible
    • Cover plate for conveyor belt
    • Height-adjustable conveyor belt supported by a gas pressure spring
    • Foldable belt nose at the overhang of the conveyor belt (space-saving and to avoid transport damages at the belt body)
    • Drag for long moulding, optionally positioned at the belt infeed or at the belt outfeed


If, despite the wide range of equipment options, there are still wishes to be fulfilled, special designs are also available.

Dimensions and connections

Deviations possible for individual special designs !


ATHV 2000

ATHV 2500

ATHV 3000

Height (H / without accessories)

930mm (+/- 25mm adjustable via thread on the wheel plates)

Working height

930mm (+/- 25mm adjustable via thread on the wheel plates)

Length (L / without accessories)

2.000 mm

2.500 mm

3.000 mm

Width (B / without accessories)

1.170 mm

Width worktops

2 x 400 mm

Width conveyor belt

350 mm

Infeed height conveyor belt

830 mm

Outlet height conveyor belt

930 mm or adjustable up to 1,500 mm

Speed range conveyor belt

3,5 – 21,0 m/min

Electrical connection



1x230V+ N / 50 Hz via Schuko plug and 5m cable

Nominal power

0,5 kW

Experience from a baker:
With the right worktable, I can work in an "automated manual" way. The dough pieces come from the head machine directly onto the conveyor belt of the work table. After the artisanal rounding on the wooden worktop, they are returned to the conveyor belt and automatically conveyed, e.g., into a moistening table with the appropriate seeds - so I can economically produce, e.g., multigrain breads.

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