bmTEC IBA 2018


We have been in business since 1999 and are a modern mechanical engineering company providing techincally advanced solutions to the baking industry.

Our most important job

Is to offer our customers solutions which make their work both enjoyable and more profitable. We develop concepts, equiment and machines of the highest quality and readily adapt to our customers' wishes.


Our customers

And their wishes and visions form the focus of our business. We know that we have our customers to thank for our continued existence and future. We set outselves high standards, without limitation, and look upon complaints and feedback as a chance for improvement and further development. We strive for a long-term and mutually-beneficial with our customers so that we can accompany them as they evolve.

Our staff

Are supported and challenged, and they are taken seriously not merely as a workforce but also as people in their own right. The positive atmosphere within our company is nurtured by our carefully considered distribution of tasks, individual accountability and the shared development of solutions as well as a mutual regard, recognition and respect for one another. 
In our search for new ideas and improvements we recognise that mistakes happen and that we can learn from them. We know that our staff are the deciding factor in the success of our company. This is why we employ the best people in the business, and encourage further training, proficiency and entrepreneurial behaviour at all levels. 


Is committed to upholding our company principles. These are our goals, not only for the present day but also for the medium- and long-term. And so, we are creating the foundation for the continuation of our company.